The PaxaExchange Swap aggregator and our Fiat Gateway Aggregator are game changers in the current world of crypto trading. They will always give the best prices for your trades. The Dex Aggregator scans over 28 DEX protocols to search for the best bargains for you. The Fiat Gateway Aggregator works in over 180 Countries, with 50 over Fiat currencies, with over 150 Cryptocurrencies and 16 Payment methods .Both Dapps features an easy to use interfaces.

A decentralized exchange that has the feel of a centralized but with the added security a DEX offers, but still offering gas free limit orders and permission less listing. The dashboard will eventually allow you to trade coins, tokens and NFTs all in one place.

Papa Exchange DEX aggregator works across 5 chains currently: BSC Mainnet, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche & Fantom with more being added soon. We believe cross chain swapping problems (high gas fees, compatibility of chains etc) still have not been solved by anyone yet! It will be a race to the finish line to create a seamless bridge.

The Papa Token (PAPA) is a DeFi token on the BSC network.
Whenever a Buy/Sell occurs the following 3 functions occur.
Refelection: 5% redistribution to existing holders
LP Acquisition 2.5% is added to liquidity
Project and charity fund: 2.5%

We have a wallet holding 50% total supply currently locked. Half of this will be Burned on September 13th 2022, the rest on Fathers day of 2023