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    PEX (formerly PapaExchange) is the Metaverse of the future, but investing in this space isn’t easy. We make it simple for both investors and projects.


PEX offer individuals and projects services to bring their crypto dreams to life through easy to use apps for consumers and smart contract auditing and development services for projects.

We have outstanding technology
and features which are live now!

There’s no need for Centralised Exchanges anymore. You can Exchange 1000’s of Coins and tokens on our DeFi Exchanger. Telegram Bot Coming Soon.

Its fast and cheap, and you can do unlimited exchanges.

Our state of the art App features a wallet and you can also on and off ramp FIAT via our payment gateway.

Swap tokens on our Cross Chain DEX Aggregator for the cheapest prices. 

We are often cheaper than PancakeSwap and Uniswap!

Our Exclusive NFT Boutique only contains the best NFTs all with real utility and value.

PEX offers extensive smart contract auditing for upcoming and existing smart contracts. Prices starting from 1 BNB.

Buy and Sell Crypto via card, bank transfer.  

We offer the best prices in the whole of the Crypto Space due to our direct partnership with Transak.

Metaverse ATM Coming Soon.

PEX Audit

Check out some of our most recent audits. Please see the our GitHub repository here

Please contact Davey on Telegram for  here

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Papa Token Tokenomics

Papa Token Tokenomics ensure holders are rewarded and the future of the project is funded.

We are currently doing by backs through revenue created by our services.

4% Reflections

Earn passive income in Papa Tokens around the clock as a result of Papa Token trading volume.

1% Liquidity Pool

Ongoing liquidity pool contribution to build a robust foundation for the PapaToken market.

2% Dev & Charity 

Building a robust foundation for the Papa Token trading market.

5% Buy back

Buy back mechanism to help improve price action when required. (Coming soon).

Papa Token frequently asked questions

The Papa Token contract is not renounced. The team require control over the contract in order to be able to adjust the buy and sell taxes as needed to evolve the token in line with current trends. Not renouncing the contract is consistent with major token projects in the crypto space.

PEX has created a high payout staking platform that allows its holders to generate passive income in the form of staking rewards. Currently, some of the largest wallets represent users currently staking their tokens and generating massive rewards.

Reflections are automatically sent out to holders on each buy and sell.

If you don`t find an answer, contact with our team

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